Catherine Nobrega

At a young age, Cathy developed a love of flowers through the influence of her father, a keen gardener. It was this fondness for flora and fauna that would later develop into a deep-seated passion as Cathy discovered photography, a means to capture and preserve the beauty of nature – present in her own garden and around her wherever she goes in the world.

It is the intricate structure of beautiful flowers that truly inspires Cathy. Often, her simple compilations subtly highlight the complexity of nature’s creations, revealing sheer beauty. Each image she presents is a testament to the magnificence of nature and her ability as a photographer.

A mere five years ago, Cathy’s photography moved up a level when her husband, brought her a new camera – a Canon 400D. Self-taught, Cathy has developed her skills and, today, her images adorn the walls of many who recognise her ability to master nature in a form of art that will live on for years to come.